Framework Services

Discover Our Perspective

Taking a practical perspective, we are committed to continuous improvement in building sustainability principles into all fields and phases of our work. As a testament to this commitment, we are investing in research to develop our own new supporting tools and methodologie to create a better framework options.

We are in business to devise and deliver infrastructure solutions. We have developed a unique heritage of skills and knowledge. Working within the transportation, energy and built environment sectors we provide engineering, planning, design and consultancy services to the highest environmental, ethical and professional standards.

The Design Services

Our core services include environmental, architectural, design/engineering, operations and maintenance, quality, health and safety, risk and facilities management and integrating all of them – programme management. With our professional skills, global resources and diverse expertise ICFS are here to help.

We combine the skills, experience and creativity essential for the total delivery of all types of infrastructure projects – from strategy, planning, engineering and design to programme and construction management, operation and maintenance.

What You Get

Clients receive cost-effective tailor-made solutions that are right for them. Innovative solutions that harness the latest technology and knowledge to improve people’s lives. We construct the framework for your needs, any size and shape, we are here to help.

Our framework services are known for being one-of-a kind, along with our other services.